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The item I wear to death is…

Falling in love with a specific piece of fashion isn't always easy to explain.

Oh, the thrill of something new. I'm guilty of wearing something almost immediately after I’ve ripped off the packaging. But not everything shiny and new sticks. The initial excitement fades, and the urge for something newer resurfaces.

Some pieces are just built different. 

They have the power to make you look great, but more importantly, feel great. Whether it's the fabric, brand, colour, or perhaps its ability to transport you to a world where you're cruising through the streets of Copenhagen alongside Hollie Mercedes en route to another Fashion Week show, it's almost impossible to pinpoint why some items are just a bit more special than others.

We reached out to a few of our favourite fashion girls to share the item (or items) that cling to them a pair of SKIMS:

Jenna Kelly

What’s one item you’re wearing to death?
The Row City Sandal in Bordeaux. These are the only shoes I've been wearing since November last year because a) I am a creature of habit and b) I am girl-mathing that cost-per-wear. 

Why does it make you feel so great?
I love the ease, comfort and relaxed nature of a flip-flop, so for about 9 months of the year I wear the same pair of black Havaianas. The City Sandal ticks all three boxes while also being a touch more sophisticated. So, I can slip them on for anything from a quick dash across to the shops, to meet a client or out to dinner. I think a peek of an open-toe coupled with that rich burgundy strap makes just about every look feel more "me" -- a little dressed down and effortless, but still paying attention to the details. 

I'll happily wear them with cargo pants and a tee and, equally, my favourite silk "going out" dress.

Tanith Swinford

What’s one item you’re wearing to death?
Baggy jeans (or wide-leg pants)

Why does it make you feel so great? 
It’s so easy to build a good look around this wardrobe basic! They’re also super comfy, which is key for me especially when I’m on set/location.

Mira Leibowitz

What are you’re wearing to death?
Doc Martens; Celine sunnies; Best Ali hoops.

Why does it make you feel so great?

Doc Martens

It's actually a pretty crazy story.
When I went to New York a couple of years ago, I set a goal to buy myself a pair of slip-on Docs. Day one in the big city, I went  straight to the Doc Marten store. Tried them on, fit like a glove and comfy from the get-go. I decided to sleep on it and go back the next day, only to be told that my size was sold out!
I started walking to the next Doc store. No sizes. Okay, Urban Outfitters? Yes! SOLD! As I'm walking out with my giant UO tote, something in my brain told me to just check the docs and THANK GOD I DID, they had given me one size UK 5 and one UK 4! I went back in and they couldn’t find the other size 5. Heartbroken.
So, then the next day rolls around and I'm on my way to MOMA. I pass by yet another Urban Outfitters. I thought, let me just check. Only size UK 11 boxes in sight. But let me just check, maybe they've put the wrong size in the wrong box? I kid you not, the first box I checked had a size UK 5 inside!
It was meant to be and I've basically worn them about eight thousand times since. They go with everything, make me feel bad ass, and give me 4 cm of extra height, which is nice.

Celine sunnies
I've always loved a 'cat eye' and especially these creamy Celines, so when I got my hands on these babies last year, I had them lensed to my prescription, so they're now my go-to and I kind of have to wear them so that I can see. Essential, quite literally.

Best Ali hoops
I have not taken these hoops off since I got them! (Thank you Best!)
I feel like I can wear them with everything I own, dress them up, dress them down, to the beach, everyday and never get bored. Quite literally everyone comments on them plus they are beyond comfy. Can't wait to buy myself another pair!

Rebecca Scher

What’s one item you’re wearing to death?
Last year all my closest friends and family got together to buy me a Dragon Diffusion Bag. I got it in December and I have just short of used it every day since. It is the ultimate Merry Poppins bag that fits everything you could ever need an everyday bag to fit – laptop, book, and gigantic water bottle. It even transitions to a gym bag and fits my clothes (and takkies!) 

Why does it make you feel so great?
There is nothing more satisfying to me than a versatile item that can be used for multiple occasions (read: laptop bag, gym bag, going out bag) but that is also incredibly beautiful. It “adds” something to every outfit.

Marisa Crous

What’s one item you’re wearing to death?
The Nizza, a stunning pearl necklace featuring a beautiful shell from the 'Nice is Nice' collection, which I purchased on Instagram from @_cheeeeeeeese_.

Why does it make you feel so great?
It’s dramatic, chic and dreamy all at once. Plus it completes any outfit. 

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